Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is one of China's ten Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Southwest China's Gansu Province,

is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau northeast edge and in the Western Loess Plateau excessive lot, Tibetan and

Han culture confluence area,is the Yellow River, Yangtze River Water Conservation District and recharge area.

Gannan is located in the plateau, the perennial temperature is relatively low, the annual average temperature is only 4 degrees.

The plateau weather is changeable, often suddenly to rain, the temperature difference between day and night,

strong sunshine. Should wear more clothes in winter, to resist the cold.



Matters needing attention in ...

Gannan is a natural grassland as an important tourist resources, many tourists also because of this, an important synonym for the choice of Gannan tourism. Summer is the most luxuriant grass growing season


Gannan Lintan county held ...

Lintan county held Taozhou Folk Culture Festival

Gansu, China Network June 13 hearing (correspondent Zhang Caixia) June 9 to 11, the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the ninth Taozhou folk cultur


Gannan Tibetan Tourism "change ...

Langmusi scenic spots in Gansu Province Gannan Luqu County, Langmusi laoseng people Lausanne said last June to September, the street is always bustling. Earlier this year, by the end of April began to busy.